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Portfolio Management

Utilizing a disciplined investment process, our clients receive transparency of information, ongoing proactive service, and the trust and accountability needed to meet their financial objectives.  Our team works with numerous industry leading research firms to manage your portfolio on a day to day basis.  This is done continually following a 5-Step process to construct your customized portfolio designed to achieve your stated goals. 

Our 5-Step Process to Managing Your Portfolio

  1. Determine an appropriate asset allocation designed to reach your stated goals. This will primarily be based on a risk assessment, time horizon, and your prior investment experience.
  2. The creation of strategic portfolios selecting asset classes based on forward looking economic data and correlation assumptions. This is reviewed daily in an attempt to position ourselves in front of developing trends.  As Warren Buffet says, “Find a trend; throw yourself in front of it.”
  3. Utilization of independent fundamental analysis software to research securities for use in your portfolio.
  4. Utilization of independent technical analysis software to tactically adjust deployment levels of the securities within your portfolio. This is also used to enhance investment entry and exit decisions.
  5. Ongoing monitoring of the portfolio performance as well as your goals. This is vital to review progress and ensure your current strategy remains appropriate as changes in your life occur.

This “Protect & Grow” strategy
is how we help you build your wealth over time